Google says that Michelle Wolfe is many things. She's a reasonably well known radio programmer from Bozeman, Montana. She's a talented photographer from the mid-west. She's apparently a lesbian porn star, and this week: a dead woman from Florida. Now THAT'S diversity.

We all know by now that Googling yourself can be interesting if you actually come across accurate information about YOUR LIFE. But what I like more than seeing the real ME described online is the stories about other people named Michelle Wolfe. Why? Because that's what OTHER people who might be looking for you are reading.


I can only imagine my 5th grade boyfriend trying to find me on a boring afternoon and stumbling upon the lesbian porn star Michelle Wolfe. (Seriously. She exists. And no, it's not my part-time gig.) Checking up on the folks you used to be close with can be not only entertaining and actually productive, but it also gives us perspective on what others might THINK they know about you.

What's the point? Watch your words when posting online. Nothing is private. No stone remains cemented to the ground anymore. If you're an active participant in the online world, it's best to know who "you" really are and keep tabs on the other Michelle Wolfes.

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