As HATCH 2011 came to a close, I wanted to share (in pictures) some of the more important pieces of the question "What is HATCH". We get asked that a lot and it's best to SHOW someone what HATCH is.

Before the festivities in downtown Bozeman began this year, many mentors and HATCH staffers got together for a HATCH Think Tank. A great opportunity to assess what's great about bringing such creative minds together year after year.


What I've always found interesting about accomplished, creative people is that they don't over think things. When you ask a question, the most clear answer is a simple one......but one that requires a picture or two. And a map. And some different colored pens. And some more people to talk about it. THAT'S when things get interesting.


These boards were created by an artist who was interpreting the conversations had by the HATCH Mentors and Staff. They were then displayed in the Innovator's Lounge at The Emerson for the duration of the festival so everyone in attendance could look at them.

Sometimes the simple act of visualizing someone's words makes them more powerful. More importantly (in my opinion), helping someone UNDERSTAND the question and answer process can be difficult. The more fun you can have talking about the problem or question, the more likely you'll get and understandable outcome.