We've always been under the impression that people drink beer because it's awesome, but a new article suggests that hops addiction may actually be a real thing. Someone should tell these "scientists" that buzz-kills are rude.

According to Joe Sixpack, some beer drinkers may experience something called "adaptation" after repeated exposure to hoppy beers. In other words, the more a person becomes accustomed to hops, the more they crave the bitter taste of the flower in their brew.

The study shows that beer drinkers can actually build a resistance to hops, in the same way recreational drug users do. The euphoria from hops "wanes as the brain begins reacting not to the drug's physical effects, but to the act of procuring and ingesting the drug itself."

As a result, companies have begun creating brews whose taste is dominated by hops, such as Yards Brewing's India Pale Ale, Hop Wallop by Victory Brewing Company and Sierra Nevada Brewing's addictive and delicious Torpedo Extra IPA. Wait not addictive, just kidding. We could stop anytime we wanted, honest.

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