The Bozeman area is packed with great restaurants and the industry can be cutthroat for attracting business. However, we discovered some reviews online that only reinforce the notion of "go see for yourself" and "don't believe everything you read". 

After combing through recent reviews, I think there's a chance that bologna reviews might be back with a vengeance. Why think that? Some bad reviews are too brutal and too direct. They're just worded in a nasty way. Think about it - if you've got a viable complaint about a bar or restaurant, you'd probably address it clearly and calmly.

People who take the time and effort to write reviews online, generally want to be heard and thought of as an authority on a topic. To be viewed as a trusted authority, you'd write about details of your experience and specific food or beverage advice. If someone is just putting business on power blast,, you can almost smell the bad blood. That's just not how people write genuine reviews - even negative ones.

  • "Whoever was on oyster duty should reconsider their livelihood or be guided in the right direction. Never again."
  • "The hosts looked like winners of a 2nd rate muscle head contest."
  • "They hang their hat on 100% fresh made food. Probably all frozen food from
    Sysco they reheat. This place is horrible don't come."
  • "I know the owner is a complete jerk who acts the part whenever he's out in public. He should pay more attention to the food in his restaurant than partying."
  • "Our lunch was supposed to be "Happy Hour" prices but the bill was actually more than their normal prices. Idiots."
  • "Service could only be described as oblivious. Empty waters, slow food with an empty restaurant, lots of staff standing around."
  • "Calling this place a steak house is insulting to the Taco Bell steak burrito."
  • "The arrogance of our server was next level, and her makeup made it very hard to take her seriously."

See how so many of these reviews are personal digs? Seems a little shady. Instead of writing specific details about a dish or a poor experience, the authors were more interested in being nasty.

I don't have any way of proving these are bogus reviews and comments, but MY gut says they're just silly digs. Sure, restaurants and their staff can have bad days but most of that chatter above is personal. That's not what makes me want to avoid a well-liked Bozeman eatery. Trust YOUR gut and YOUR experience.

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