The Hospice Care Foundation in Missoula suffered a big hit on August 19, when vandals broke into their Main Street location. 

"We entered the office about 7 o'clock in the morning and found that our front door had been busted in," said Hospice Care Foundation CEO Kevi Berger. "Someone had decided to burglarize and vandalize our offices. They broke our door. They broke a desk. They displaced pictures from the walls and went through desk drawers."

Berger said private medications, cash, and at least one laptop were taken. The robbery came at a tough time because the foundation was busy in preparation for the Hospice Honors event, which is scheduled to occur next Friday, September 6, at the Missoula Community Theatre.

"The robbery and vandalism put us about a week to a week and a half behind with cleaning, trying to fix the offices, and replace the doors," Berger said. "Then, of course, just having to get a new computer system up and running: having to replace our data and all of the paperwork we had done in preparation for the big event."

Berger said the event will go on as planned. Police have located a laptop that was stolen during the break-in, but that is the only item known to be recovered so far.

For more information about the Hospice Honors event, call (406) 541-2255.