Go home. Take the call in the comfort of your living room if you can and BE OVER PREPARED.

People like me are easily distracted by chatter, blinking lights and shiny things. That's why (whenever possible) I take conference calls at my house instead of the office.

I can set up several computer screens at once if I need them, drink as much Diet Coke as I want and spread out any necessary paperwork wherever the piles make sense. To me.

When it comes to conference calls, the folks on the other side of the line don't have to know that your living room appears to be a disaster zone and you are in your fleece sweatpants.CNBC is currently on mute in the background.

The only thing that matters is YOU shining as brightly as possible. Do whatever you need to make yourself at ease, relaxed and sound intelligent. Jammies and Diet Coke work for me. Wish me luck.

My ideal conference call scene. Really.