This is Buck the dog. He is a daily figure in our office and is one of the most well behaved animals I've ever encountered....even though he's a chicken killer.

Buck the dog. (Photo Michelle Wolfe/KMMS)
Buck the dog. (Photo Michelle Wolfe/KMMS)

He was a rescue from Arizona after he went to town on some chickens and ended up at a shelter for an extended period. My friend and co-worker JoAnn picked him up about 12 minutes before Buck was to head to the great ranch in the sky.

There's a lot of debate about the benefits of animals being allowed in office settings but when it's the RIGHT animal with the RIGHT temperament....I'm all for it.

Our business is all about being "on" and is filled with constant phone calls, emails, text messages and meetings. It tends to burn the best of us out. However, five minutes chillin' out on the floor petting Buck forces me to relax and be quiet.

It's usually the time I spend reorganizing my to-do list, but at least we're quiet together.


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