Since Mardi Gras is a holiday that goes hand-in-hand with gluttonous drinking, we thought we’d offer a few tips for a more positive drinking experience for those who want to enjoy themselves and not wind up a morning-after mess.

1. Eat before you drink

This is the most important thing to do, because drinking on an empty stomach can shorten your evening and leave you with a miserable tummy the next day. Take advantage of all the awesome Cajun food that goes with Mardi Gras, and fill your stomach before filling your liver.

shrimp gumbo

2. Just add water

Have a cup of water between each drink and before you go to bed at the end of the evening (or in the wee hours of Wednesday morning). Staying hydrated can stave off a hangover.


3. Stick to one type of drink

Even if it’s a Hurricane! Don’t go from liquor to beer to wine in one night. Ever. That’s a rookie mistake that can knock you on your derrière.


- Contributed by Emily Gordon

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