Well, it looks like Missoula has a new entry for this list of favorite closed businesses we wish we could bring back.

You may remember back in August that we heard the news that Howard's Pizza in Missoula was for sale. There were a lot of rumors and confusion until the owners set the record straight, stating that they were not closing just yet, and were hoping to find someone to purchase the business and keep it going.

And then, this past weekend, I saw some rumors online that Howard's had officially closed for good. A Facebook post started going around from a longtime customer whose kids all worked at Howard's at some point or another in which he paid tribute to the iconic Missoula restaurant. If you dig through the comments of that post, you'll find one from co-owner Karen Meyer, who confirms the restaurant is still for sale if someone wanted to purchase and relocate it.

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There isn't much more information available online just yet, but if you call the number for Howard's Pizza, you'll hear a message announcing its closure. Here's what it says:

Howard's Pizza Missoula is officially closed for business. We would like to thank the community for their support over the past several decades, and especially over the past two years. They've certainly been difficult and led to our decision to close. As we end this chapter of our lives and begin our next adventure, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of our customers. From Matthew, Denny, and family, thank you, Missoula.

And there you have it - another beloved Missoula restaurant that unfortunately had to close due to the ongoing struggles with the pandemic.

Hopefully, if the business is really still for sale, someone can keep the Howard's Pizza name alive in the future - but if they do, it won't be in their iconic red building on South Avenue.

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