It was just about ten months ago that we heard the horrific news: the M&M Bar in Butte, which had stood in its original location since 1890 and was listed in the National Register of Historic Places, burned down in a devastating fire. The roof was completely burned out and the inside was totally gutted, leaving almost nothing.

But the owners wasted little time in working to get back on their feet. Last month, owner Selina Pankovich began working on a brand-new M&M Bar, right next to where the old building stood. And this St. Patrick's Day, Butte residents got a fun surprise from this longtime staple.

The M&M Bar Temporarily Reopened For St. Patrick's Day

According to KPAX, the new M&M Bar isn't quite ready to permanently open yet - but Butte got a taste of what it'll be like on St. Patrick's Day, with the bar temporarily reopening its doors.

It's a period of rebirth for the M&M Bar - in addition to getting everything in the new building ready, Pankovich plans to rebuild the original location and connect the two buildings once they're both completed. Soon, the M&M Bar will be twice as big (will they have to rename it the M&M&M&M Bar? That remains to be seen.)

So When Will The M&M Bar Reopen Permanently?

There's no confirmed date yet, but Pankovich is planning on having the M&M Bar up and running in its new building by June. Are you excited to see the return of this iconic Montana institution?

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