At one point in time, at least 10+ years ago, I read something that has stuck with me ever since- for better or worse it has become a ritual. I read that everyone has a day (numerically based) that is the best day all year to make intentions and take action on creating positive adjustments in ones life into the future. Although daily action is vital in the process it's a kind of a jump start day if you will. Silly perhaps- yet over the years it has become a very personal day of goal setting, creating specific action steps  and taking at least the first ones in the chosen direction. For this  girl, it falls on Dec 26th.  It's a review and roll day. A time to ask, as Dr. Phil would most certainly do if he were part of ones process, 'how's that working for you?'  That phrase seems to cut it to the bone. If one takes the time to answer honestly and sincerely  and  makes the effort to adjust  things,  life changes. It changes as every day stacks onto the next.  I like to say- every cell in ones body and brain is completely replaced within 2 years- replace them with good positive healthy ones.  That can go for ones attitude, feelings, energy etc... The spiritual body as well as the intellectual and physical is included in this process. Make today count whether its your magical intention day or not.  Plan, decide and take action.  Create it and make the life you see happen. YOU can do it!

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