Expensive as hell? Yes. Low hanging fruit to make fun of people who have WAY more money than most? Certainly. But The Willson Residences (a set of 17 luxury condos) have me swooning. This virtually abandoned yet incredibly historic building is being transformed into something beautiful. I would like Unit S on the 3rd level, by the way.

I'd like to make it very clear that I don't have any dog in this fight. No connection whatsoever to anyone involved in the project.

I just genuinely feel that it's about time this beautiful old school be turned into SOMETHING. It doesn't do ANYONE any good just sitting there continuing to fall apart.

We took a walk around the property this morning. Progress seems slow, but in a good way.

It looks like original bricks are being used wherever possible. HUGE, good looking wood trusses were stacked and I can picture them being exposed in some of the finished condos.

As easy as it will be for folks to poke fun at the high prices of these condos when they're finished (2016) or pour fuel on the never ending "Bozeman Haves and the Have Nots" fire, I'm (so far) giving this project a thumbs up.

I sure as hell can't afford to live there, but it's better that SOMEBODY does instead of letting this gem of Bozeman history sit to rot any further.

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