They come along every now and then, one of those hassle-free days where everything just rolls your way. You feel like you can do no wrong and are ready to take on the world. This is one of those days for me...I didn't even have to use my A.K.

The old Ice Cube song is on repeat in my head today. Nothing really eventful happened for me, I just feel like I was given a little more confidence and creativity. Maybe it's the summer solstice, I don't know, but I am really feeling good. I'm now thinking I should be in Vegas today after this headline on Yahoo catches my eye: Las Vegas roulette wheel reportedly hits 19 seven straight times. You see, 19 is my number (I was born on the 19th of January) and roulette is my game.

A picture of the roulette board was taken as proof of this improbability, which occurred at the Rio (where I always used to stay while in Vegas). By the way, the article states that the odds of any number hitting 7 times in a row is 3 billion to 1.

That is all for now. And if this post is the last time you hear from me in a few days, you know where I'll be. Shake em' up, shake em' up, shake em' up, shake em'...

Here's the video for you (why not?)

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