As the old saying goes, "Fashion fades, style is eternal." Turns out there's a bit of a debate over who exactly is the person who first said it -- could be Coco Chanel, a believable candidate -- but regardless of its origins, there's a reason the quote (in its various forms) has withstood the test of time, much like it implies that a sense of style will.

We've taken a look these last few weeks at a few Instagram feeds that can help a man hone and develop his sartorial sense (watchesstreet style and more). But Sean Sullivan, who runs the Impossible Cool feed, really makes the point that style is timeless -- from his vintage photos to the pics he takes on his various trips around the country. He's got tons of old-school black-and-whites, along with stunning scenic shots, which all combine into one big ball of class.

Will following him turn you into a 21st-century Paul Newman? Probably not, but it'll help.

There's a ton more. Check it out.

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