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Is improving your finances a New Years Resolution?  Here are a few side hustle ideas that can be done from home or on the road.  Several can earn some good money!  Here are several I found online.

Resume Writer

Think about your area of expertise: For example, do you have a background in hotels or restaurants?  Perhaps working with clients who are seeking careers in the hospitality field is an option. Begin working with family and friends then consider creating a website (some websites are no cost) to post reviews and testimonials to help gain additional clients.


Are you good with numbers, spreadsheets or bookkeeping software?  Your tasks might include reconciling accounts, handling payroll, producing balance sheets and income statements. While you may not need to be a certified public accountant to get a bookkeeping job, previous experience and a bachelor’s degree might be necessary.

Online Tutoring

I have a math major friend who does this from time to time.  I've also seen posts in South American and Asian countries seeking English speakers who could teach.  Whether it be homework help, prepare for big tests or teaching English, there are many teaching opportunities that can be done from home or the road. Not all companies require an education degree to tutor.  Expect an application process, a required profile that highlights any / all subjects in which you specialize.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants do just that, assist individuals or business owners with administrative work, marketing, project management or other unique tasks. There are many sites to explore for positions and rates such as Virtual Staff Finder, Time etc, Fiverr, Handy, Upwork, Fancy Hands.  Several sites require an application or profile before becoming approved and are able to book jobs.


Best of luck in 2020!

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