It's no secret that people like to blindly blame video games for the violence that takes place in today's world as a scapegoat, but when a game developer is denied insurance because of it, that's just unfair.

Polygon reports that a broker contacted a Seattle-based, indie developer to give its team the bad news that, "due to the violent nature of the games that you are producing," they would not be able to provide them with an insurance policy. Since a broker was the one to contact Christian Allen of Serellan LLC, it means that it wasn't just one insurance company that denied the studio's coverage, but several.

After he was able to find a policy, Allen spoke about the refusal he saw in not one, but many, insurance agencies saying it, "was a huge shock and delayed some major bizdev stuff until [he] got it sorted." The project that Serellan is working on is still unknown, but its most recent work was a Kickstarter-funded first-person shooter, Takedown: Red Sabre.

Of course, this denial of insurance was right after Target Australia and Kmart Australia took stances against Grand Theft Auto V and removed it off of their store shelves (for rather ridiculous reasons).

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