Do you have an Android phone or an iPhone? Are you one of the many users of the extremely popular app Instagram? If you are, great! We would love if you followed us at Moose951. If you aren't quite sure what Instagram is, keep reading!

Instagram is one of the most popular apps to emerge in the last year or so. To explain it as simply as possible, Instagram is a photo sharing utility, but What makes it special is the ability to add filters to photos to give them an artistic effect.

In addition to the 18 great filters, Instagram also allows users to follow other users. This way you can stay updated on what photos friends, family members, celebrities, and businesses are snapping.

You can add a description to  each photo as well. Many times users will include a hashtag (any word with a # in front of it.) For example, #Bozeman is a popular hashtag. Once a hashtag is included in a photo's description such as #Bozeman, the hashtag becomes clickable and it will direct to a photo stream of all photos ever tagged with #Bozeman. See the growing #BozMusicOnMain photo stream here.

Instagram also works well with Facebook and Twitter allowing you to share your photos immediately on either or both.

I recommend a brief look through of some of the really cool photos on the Instagram home page of the app. Once you take a gander you'll be instantly hooked on creating Instagrams! If you need help signing up, follow these easy instructions.


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bozemanmoosegirl - Michelle Wolfe from right here on the MOOSE Morning Show
chloenostrant - Chloe Nostrant - local photographer and artist
christownley - Chris Townley - Posts lovely photos of Bozeman it's beautiful wilderness
InstantCole - Cole Reichenberg - That's Me! See anything from Bozeman events, concerts, cool shots and my cat and dog
daviddallag - David Dall Gaperina -Local hip-hop artist/actor/all around great guy. You'll get an idea of his sense of humor and style through his photos
lastbestplace - Jerry Makoff - Everything Montana from beer to sushi to all things beautiful. Fellow lover of Montana
thekatieritter - Katie Ritter - Local film maker/musician. Katy posts some of my favorite photos making me wish I was better at Instagram!
lapagrill - La Parilla - Posts lots of fun photos their little tin foil wrapped mascot all around Bozeman
leahsiblerud - Leah Siblerud - Posts beautiful photos of Montana
maxwellsilver - Max Lowe - Local Bozeman photographer who fun creative and adventurous photos from here to everywhere!
billy_diamond - Tate Chamberlin - Owner and operator of Chamberlin Production, Tate shares photos of his most recent events, concerts, and projects as well as quirky stuff around Bozeman
thegarage - The Garage - Bozeman restaurant that shares photos of happenings at The Garage as well as cool stuff seen around Bozeman
usinterior - U.S. Department of the Interior - Some of the most gorgeous photos of natural settings from around the U.S. I could look through these all day!
MichaelFranti -
Michael Franti - The headliner for our 2012 Spruce Moose snaps photos of things all around the world not many people get to experience first hand
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