I was on my big, noisy lawn mover the other night at around 9:00 pm when this thought dusked on me (see what I did there?)...Do any of my neighbors hate me right now?

It doesn't get dark in Montana until about 10:00 pm this time of year. Does that give us all a license to fire up our lawn mower as long as the sunlight allows? I feel a little guilty when I start my mower or weed wacker past 8:00. I start thinking about babies or someone who may be trying to sleep because they have to wake up early in the morning.

I do know there is clearly not a gentleman's code regarding fireworks this time of year. People in my neck of the woods are STILL lighting off fireworks well past 9:00. So what do you think? Do we need to be courteous regarding what time we mow the lawn this time of year or should we live and let live with the sun?