There definitely seems to be a mutual respect between horse and cat, neither seem threatened at all by the other. The horse in this video is Winston, a horse my mother in-law was boarding for someone. That's my friend Russ there holding his cat as the two greet each other. Russ moved here from Connecticut to work on my Mother in-law's ranch. My wife works there as well, training, riding and taking care of these spoiled beauties.

All Hearts Ranch in Bozeman is more of a luxury spa for their horses, in all 23 (including two mini horses). They're well fed in nicely groomed paddocks and new barns, with an indoor riding arena and plenty of space to ride outside (on this 77-acre facility). I think I'm gonna have both my wife and Russ post on in the near future. There's plenty of love happening at All Hearts (and more great videos and pictures).

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