How Weird Is YOUR Pet?
This is my cat. This is dirty hockey gear. This is my cat face down in dirty hockey gear. It's so weird that you don't know if you should shoo him away or just turn your head and leave him me. So gross.
Cat Lesson #8
So, I still have "the cat". Yeah, he's still alive. Yeah, he's well fed. Yeah, he sleeps on my bed. Yeah, I sneeze like crazy.
What’s the Deal with Animal TMI?
Cute dog or cat videos. Profile pics of your pet bird. A ringtone of an elk bugle. All of these are perfectly normal behavior. But have you ever had a text conversation like this?
Does Your Cat Do This?
I just thought it was funny looking until I Googled it and just like WebMD, there are 18 websites that now make me think the cat has a problem. Not a drinking problem.
Michelle Gets a Cat
For reasons that I'll explain at a later date, I adopted a cat two weeks ago. Cats are jerks. Furry, arrogant, emotionally indifferent, mildly vindictive jerks.

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