If you've ever moved to a new city or town, you've probably noticed that getting used to a new place can take some time. There's definitely a learning curve. For instance, if you've never experienced a real winter and you move to Montana, you're in for a treat. Montana winters are no joke. Montana is a unique place that's unlike anywhere else in the country, but adjusting to life in the state has its challenges.

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Montana is a huge state, but if you look at population, it doesn't come close to comparing to most other states. Montana is known as the last best place, and most people who live here prefer to keep it that way. There's a "no outsiders" mentality that's shared by many longtime residents. Montanans take a lot of pride in where they live and don't want people from other states to move here and try to change the place that they love. It's completely understandable. Don't move here expecting any special treatment, because that isn't going to happen.

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A couple of my best friends are native Montanans. When I first moved here from Idaho, they took me under their wing and showed me the ropes. I'm thankful for their friendship and guidance when I was a newcomer. Most of the people you'll meet in Montana are the same way. They'll give you the shirt off your back, even if yours is just dirty.

Personally, I try to be respectful and kind to everyone I meet, and usually, I get the same treatment in return. There are always going to be people that tell you to "go back to where you came from", but try your best not to avoid the haters.

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