Jack Wolfe is no longer around but I live by so many of the things he taught me and surrounded me with. He traveled an enormous amount for NBC when I was young, so perhaps the short spells we spent together were more impactful.

Later in life, after he retired and more so after my mom passed, we made up for lost time by spending time EVERY DAY together. He moved back to Bozeman and lived with me for a spell before we got him his own place.

Nobody has ever had my back more than my father. The guy just kicked ass. Incredibly smart. Insanely well traveled. Wickedly funny and didn't suffer fools for a second.

When a boy broke my heart, dad offered to kill him. When I did something stupid, he told me so and held me accountable. You know...dad stuff.

From big life lessons to important little details, Jack Wolfe taught me some great lessons that I live by to this day.

WHEN SHIT HITS THE FAN, BE THE CALMEST HEAD IN THE ROOM - This has served me well personally and professionally. I may fly into a panic attack about a sink full of dishes but when something major happens, I immediately go into strategy mode.

DON'T LOAN MONEY TO ANYONE - If a solid friend needs something and you have it or can afford it, give it to them. Don't expect it back. It's a gift and be done with it.

SAVE AND INVEST AS MUCH MONEY AS YOU CAN, AS SOON AS YOU CAN - This was a lifelong game-changer and it turns out that I love it. Sometimes I was broke, sometimes I was flush. Having a cushion has saved my ass more times than I can count. But that cushion wouldn't have existed if I didn't start 'saving' at age 14.

DON'T FIX A BROKEN CAT - It's a metaphor. Don't freak out. Dad loved cats. But sometimes things or relationships break that simply aren't worth fixing. Move on.

NEVER BE ABOVE DRINKING CHEAP BEER - It was simply a reminder that when you fall on hard times, $15 foo-foo cocktails aren't an option. You'll go through times in life when you're on a Bud Light budget.

KNOW HOW TO STEER AND ROW A DRIFT BOAT - We were a fly fishing family. There was no way in hell my dad would allow me to grow up not knowing how to properly handle and navigate a drift boat. PRO-TIP: You get invited on way more fun river trips with your boat-owning friends when they know you have skills.

We wish the very best to you and your family this Father's Day weekend. To our fathers that are here and those that are gone, good memories are the most precious commodity. Celebrate the dad in your life!

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