As with Ron Swanson, the Parks and Recreation character who made him famous, actor Nick Offerman is a devotee of woodworking, with his own shop in Los Angeles. He’s recently written a book about his hobby, and, for the audiobook version, he and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco have collaborated on five songs.

The news comes via Entertainment Weekly, where they premiere a snippet of Good Clean Fun: Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop in which Offerman talks about how he, his cousin and a friend learned how to make things with their hands while exploring the backwoods of their rural Illinois hometown. And it was through trial-and-error that he became adept at using the tools of his craft, a process he still finds fascinating today, a trait he shares with other woodworkers. “The mistake-making, in a weird way, is the fun part,” he says. “Pretty much all the wood workers I know, when talking about this addicting craft, aver their affection for problem-solving.”

Amazon’s listing for the audiobook gives the titles of the five tracks co-written by Tweedy. In addition to the title track, “Good Clean Fun,” there is also “Music to Sand By,” “American White Oak,” “Raising the Grain” and “The Lazy Carpenter.”

Tweedy met Offerman in 2014, when he made a couple of appearances on Parks and Recreation as the former frontman for Land Ho!, a local band that reunited for the concert that celebrated the merging of the fictional Indiana towns of Pawnee and Eagleton. Later that year, Offerman directed Tweedy’s video for “Low Key,” which appeared on Sukierae, the album Tweedy made with his son, Spencer.

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