Four years passed between Wilco’s The Whole Love and last year’s Star Wars, and no one even saw the latter album coming when the band surprise-released it for free in July. Thankfully, it appears we won’t have to wait quite so long for Wilco’s 10th full-length. Likewise, we will be saved from any potential averse side effects of exciting, yet unexpected, releases, because Jeff Tweedy is giving a little heads-up this time around.

In an interview with the Guardian, Tweedy reveals the band plans to drop a new album sometime this year: “Wilco have another one ready to go this year, Tweedy says.”

It’s a silver lining in an interview that otherwise finds the frontman contemplating adding a Woody Guthrie song to Wilco’s set lists in light of Donald Trump’s lead in the GOP presidential race. “Woody wrote a song about Trump’s father called ‘Old Man Trump,’” Tweedy said. “Trump senior was Woody’s landlord in Brooklyn and the song is about how much he hated him and what a racist he was. I was hoping that there would be no need to play it but I should stop putting it off. I should learn it.”

Wilco have a handful of U.S. tour dates planned this summer. They'll play a show with Angel Olsen on June 1 in Charleston, W.V. Then, they'll make an appearance at this year's Mountain Jam before stopping in Philadelphia on June 4.

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