Bozeman High School Latin students, along with Latin teacher Erika Shupe, will be featured on national television. The Weather Channel will air a half hour segment entitled, "A Storm NAMED Winter" premiering Tuesday evening, March 19, at 8 pm ET and again at 11 pm ET. Details here:

After hearing about nor'easter "Athena" and winter storm "Brutus" last November, Latin students at Bozeman High School wondered what the next winter storm might be named. They researched and discovered that 2012-2013 is the inaugural year of naming and bringing heightened awareness to winter storms, as is currently done for tropical storms and hurricanes. However, only a 2012-2013 name list existed for winter storms. This inspired Latin students at Bozeman High to compile and professionally submit four years worth of future winter storm names for the Weather Channel's use.

The local students submitted only authentic Greek and Roman names and references. The students received an email reply the next day from Senior Executive Director of Weather Presentation/Hurricane Specialist, Bryan Norcross at The Weather Channel. He has corresponded with them this winter and is excited to include their suggestions for the future winter storm name lists!

Don't miss The Weather Channel's segment tomorrow night. Students who are featured in the TV segment from Bozeman H.S. Latin Classes:

(*participated in a 10 minute individual interview)

  • *Dani Daley (Grade 10)
  • Karen Donch (Grade 12)
  • Sofia Ferrara-Garcian (Grade 9)
  • Michaela Giesecke (Grade 9)
  • Deeanne Hainsworth (Grade 11)
  • *Leyla Kirschner (Grade 12)
  • Taylor Lawn (Grade 10)
  • *Ethan Malo (Grade 10)
  • *Harry Schwem (Grade 9)
  • Jack Schwem (Grade 11)
  • Sara Stanek (Grade 10)
  • *Erika Shupe (Latin Teacher)

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