Opening Day is tomorrow folks. Let's dust off the dish and dig in. Whether you're just a fan of the game or love competing against other  fantasy baseball managers, the last day of the off-season is today. Tomorrow we go live!

By the way, the Yankees kick off their season tomorrow at home against Detroit (11:00 a.m. Mountain Time). The most historic, successful franchise in sports history goes for championship #28. I'm not listening to the critics, I like their starting rotation this year. And I love the bullpen and I think the starters will get them in position to win a lot of games this year.

I normally keep pretty quiet about the Yanks around these parts but I'm starting to find more and more cool baseball fans around the valley. I just realized that I actually work with 2 other Yankee fans. But I also realize that I'm still part of a large minority and if you hate the Yankees, like many do, you have to at least respect my passion. We're all tied for first place right now, good luck tomorrow!