Montana has a rich history of supporting some pretty successful minor league teams and it's just surprising more haven't moved to our state.

Minor league teams for any sport can be an absolute blast for friends and families. Luckily here in Montana, we have a few entertaining really good minor league baseball teams and a future arena football team. The thing is why don't we have more minor league teams in Montana?

As of right now, we have three(soon to be four) minor league baseball teams in Missoula(Paddleheads), Billings(Mustangs), Great Falls(Voyagers), and soon-to-be Kalispell, and their games are awesome. Tickets are cheap, the atmosphere is exciting, and they are extremely competitive. Plus, these games are fun to see because you might see someone down the road end up in the big leagues.

The thing is, why don't we have a minor league hockey team in Montana. Billings, Bozeman, and Bozeman all make sense for it. They might need to expand a couple of the ice arenas but minor league hockey is awesome. You get to watch kids work their way up to the NHL and they usually have super quirky promotional nights. In Boise, the Steelheads(minor league team of the Dallas Stars) would host a $1 beer night on Wednesdays to bring in crowds during the week, giveaways, and even had family nights. It was awesome.

I think we could have that here in Montana and maybe even in Bozeman. We are the only city in Montana that doesn't have a minor league team and it would be absolutely exciting for an ever-expanding city to get.

Just a thought.

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