...makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Of course The MOOSE wants you to like us on Facebook. Everybody wants you to like them on Facebook. HOWEVER, not everybody gives you valid reasons as to WHY you should like them on Facebook.

1) We're a bunch of geeks. That means we're fairly obsessed with sharing what we learn as fast as humanly possible and we all know that Facebook is one of many ways we can do that, ESPECIALLY in a real emergency.

2) Last minute free stuff ends up in our hands quite often and we want to make sure it gets in hands of people who can use it.....like you. (Think last minute concert tickets, dated tickets or passes to events that didn't get picked up by others.)

3) When you're out of town, you can be sure that when we're connected on Facebook, you'll still be connected to what's happening in Bozeman.

WHY should you like The MOOSE on Facebook? Here's why...