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95-1 The MOOSE Studio Tour [VIDEO]
We're often asked why we don't have a webcam in The MOOSE studio, and the simple reason is: That concept FREAKS ME OUT. However, we're more than happy to give you a quick video tour of what The MOOSE studio looks like!
Office Politics And How To Get What You Want
I might be one of the few people I know who loves office politics.  Getting ahead and getting what you want/need from your co-workers is an art. No one person is an island of success, an office is a tribe. And our particular tribe is full of awesome egos.
Classic MOOSE Video – The Samples In Bozeman 2007
We thought we'd share a blast from the past when Sean Kelly and The Samples got a tour through Bozeman with Michelle Wolfe and then hung out in the studio with Mark. That night they played at The Zebra Cocktail Lounge. Enjoy! - Michelle
Win FREE Skiing Every Weekday In January On The MOOSE
The folks at are at it again, with their fantastic packages and free skiing for YOU. "Go With A Pro" is how  you can get on the slopes all over Montana at the very best prices. Plus, we're giving away FREE SKIING every weekday morning at 7:45am!
Merry Christmas From All Of Us At 95-1 The MOOSE
I'll keep this probably have things to bake, bags to pack, groceries to buy, last minute gifts to get... You'll get a more meaningful "reason for the season" type message with New Year but Thank You for another great year.