Well if you are ever going to Boise now you can taste a little bit of Montana there. White Dog Brewing, located in downtown Bozeman, is opening a second location in the big city of Boise, Idaho.

Graeme Robertson
Graeme Robertson

I used to live in Boise, and I will be honest, Boise doesn't have many good breweries especially in downtown Boise, I feel like this will fill a need that many locals in Boise will enjoy. I am actually surprised that it's White Dog Brewing opening a second location. The other breweries I think that could also open a second location out of Bozeman are Outlaw, Map, and even Bridger would do very well.

I am glad to see that there is quality beer from Bozeman that will get more and more recognition in the Northwest. Check out White Dog's Boise Facebook page for details.

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