I was reading the Chronicle this morning and came across an interesting article in the sports section. The Three Forks girls basketball team is heading into the District 5B tourney today as the #1 seed with a 16-2 record. After reading this front page sports article today, I really believe that has a lot to do with their coach.

Head coach Jeff Bellach gave each of the girls on his team a 4.5" by 5" card at the start of the season. He told them not only to read it but live by it this season. The card was a set of rules for the team under the acronym C.H.A.M.P.S. The card reads:


  • Care for teammates
  • Hate to Lose
  • Ask to be challenged
  • Maintain positive attitudes
  • Practice with passion and purpose every day
  • Sacrifice for the good of the team

When creating an acronym for a word it can appear forced, and therefore phony (like playing Balderdash). This is one of those times where it appears the word was magically realized in hindsight. I played on state championship teams in high school and although we didn't have this acronym, these too were rules we lived by. If everyone truly believes in them it is a great recipe for success.

I think you can also apply these rules in your everyday life and achieve great things. I think it would help achieve personal goals but also produce a successful professional team. If I owned a company I think I would cleverly try to get everyone on board. Think about it, if everyone at your job truly bought into this philosophy don't you think the company would reach new heights?

If every member of any team truly cared about one another, did not accept failure, asked their leader and each other to be challenged, always worked with passion and purpose, and made sacrifices for the good of the team, well that would be a tough team to compete with.

Just something to think about. Keep an eye on those Three Forks girls, I have a funny feeling about them!