Upon a listener's request, I took J.D. and his disgusting, gluttonous appetite to Storm Castle Cafe in Bozeman. Apparently they have some mighty portions on the menu and after looking it over we found The Big Western! A one pound chicken fried steak and one pound beef burger underneath the same bun. Oh boy, let the games begin again! I enjoy watching this kid eat, he's got a gift.

The Big Western also has a whole lot of bacon and cheese on top of the chicken fried steak and burger (you're stretching your jaw to take a bite). The challenge presented to J.D. was to finish everything on the plate, side of fries included. The confidence of that sickening appetite is growing folks, as J.D. decided to order one of their milkshakes to add to the challenge (you gotta love it!) That actually made things interesting, it was an old fashioned milkshake delivered in a large industrial mixing cup (those puppies fill the glass twice).

Alas, man wins local eating challenge again. The last few bites and sips of shake were tough though. It looked like J.D. had to go to that place in his mind again to find the resolve. He was definitely wishing he hadn't ordered the milkshake. I enjoyed watching him power through, again fighting off sweat and physical pain (it just doesn't get old).

I don't know if there are many legit local eating challenges left in this valley. If you know of one, please leave a comment below (that's how we found the Storm Castle Cafe). I think J.D. needs to suffer a little bit more before retiring. Right now we stand at Man 3, Local Food 1