Lockhorn Cider House is holding a fundraiser, Pints for Peace, on behalf of the Central Asia Institute throughout the month of January. Pints for Peace will help contribute to the CAI’s fundraising campaign “Pennies for Peace,” a philanthropic program that promotes education, especially for girls, in regions of the world where the right to an education and better future is threatened every day. Find out what you can do to help at Lockhorn this month:

Central Asia Institute Community members are encouraged to bring in a penny jar in exchange for a pint of cider throughout this month of January. Kids can exchange their pennies for a non-alcoholic cider as well. The contents of each penny jar will be poured into a six-gallon glass carboy (a glass container used to ferment test batches of cider), and donated to the Pennies for Peace program at the end of the month. Lockhorn Cider House will match the community’s contributions up to $1,000.

The fundraiser will coincide with a photographic display by the Central Asia Institute (beginning January 4). A reception, slideshow, and fundraising evening will be held at the cider house on Jan. 17 from 7 - 9 p.m.