Amazingly, there are still people on the planet who are connected to the internet, but don’t know that The Onion is not a source for actual news. These dim bulbs and dull knives clearly don’t understand satire, and the fact that it is the basis of all Onion content.

This ignorance is still running so rampant that there is even a blog that posts the Facebook commentary of the slow ones who surf among us. And this time, they found a congressman who fell for a fake story from America’s Finest News Source.

Last week, Louisiana Representative John Fleming shared a months-old Onion article about Planned Parenthood on his Facebook page. That article just happened to be the creative genius of an Onion staffer who described a recently opened Planned Parenthood “abortionplex” in Topeka, KS that offers “quick, easy, in-and-out abortions to all women.” This “abortionplex” also houses coffee shops, bars, restaurants, retail stores, a nightclub and a movie theater.

The gullible Rep. Fleming, or one of his naive staff members, saw this post and, being staunchly anti-abortion, became outraged at the cruelty of the facility. Even though the (fake) story was from May of 2011, Fleming felt it was important to share with his Facebook constituency, while completely ignoring the satirical and outlandish nature of the piece.

This Facebook post was brought to the attention of the bloggers at Literally Unbelievable, who outed the congressman as a sucker. The post has since been removed, but a screen-cap of it still remains. To Representative Fleming’s credit, he’s not the only one who fell for the story. When it was first shared last May, much of the slower surfers on the ‘net took offense to it, which actually inspired the creation of the Literally Unbelievable blog.

So beware, ye who post articles to Facebook willy-nilly. As long as there are people who refuse to read beyond the obvious joke headline, the folks at Literally Unbelievable will be there.

Representative John Fleming from Louisiana believed this Onion post

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