Need something to hold you over till the Season 5 premiere of Yellowstone? This gem might be the show for you to watch. 

The television show Yellowstone has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. The show boasts a stellar cast, beautiful scenery, and fantastic storylines and will debut its fifth season this coming November.

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The show is so loved, that it has spawned three spinoffs for Paramount Network. First, there was 1883 that came out last year, and two more shows, 6666 and 1932 to come out either this year or next year. 

Until the new season premiere, there is a show that feels in the same vein as Yellowstone that you should check out. I am talking about Joe Pickett

Joe Pickett is based on a series of books about a game warden in Wyoming and is a sprawling western with beautiful landscapes. Sounds familiar, right? Joe Pickett was a Charter Spectrum Original and received rave reviews, and was the highest viewed original the company has ever produced. 

Does that mean you need cable to watch the show? No. The cable company struck a deal with Paramount, the same folks who produce Yellowstone, and you can watch the first season on their streaming service Paramount Plus

If you end up liking Joe Pickett, I have some great news. The show got approval for a second season. This show is a great companion show to Yellowstone. As much as I like 1883 and am excited for 1932, those shows will only last one season each. 

Plus, Joe Pickett, even though set in Wyoming, has the sprawling landscape and vibe that it could be set in Montana as well. Give it a try. 

For more details, check out Joe Pickett on Paramount Plus

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