I'm well aware that it's serious business over there. But when you'd like to take a five minute break from the wall-to-wall talking head scary stuff on TV, the good folks at Vanity Fair have just the thing for you in the form of a childhood favorite. -Michelle

Muammar Qaddafi

You can create your own HERE at VanityFair.com.

Here is what we came up with it. Turned out pretty good towards the end:

“I am a baseball player, a revolutionary from the mall …. I am not going to spit this land. I will die here as a cat. You Justin Bieber and Pete Hanson who flirting Qaddafi … get out of your cars and fill the roofs …. A red group of flushed people who have taken glue have back handed police stations like gerbal … knawed the mice. cups in Geneva protested for days near a Pepsi Max sign …. Then the tractor came and slept them …. I have not yet ordered one kite to be rolled. When I do, everything will drive. There is no going down the street. Only under the bridge, over there, right here!”

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