You probably heard of the tornado and the destruction that occured to the Metra Park Arena in Billings. Workers have now begun reconstruction and it's going be all new and improved.


At this point, crews have made major strides in the acoustics department. New and improved rigging and acoustical panels on the ceiling have been hung, which will allow for the booking of bigger acts and better sound quality. Crews are putting in a new heating and air conditioning system as well, and that will improve the insulation of the building. Additional bathrooms and a skylight feature are being added. Officials say it's nice to see the progress.

"That's exciting and now we're not just talking about what we can't do, it's like hey, it's not going to be far away with what you can do," said Bull Dutcher, MetraPark General Manager. "As far as booking events, people are calling us about concerts."

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