The show is Monday August 5, 2013 at The Emerson with The Mickey Hart Band. The MOOSE has TONS of free tickets to giveaway but how do you win them?

Two pieces of advice:

This isn't some stupid ploy for us to get more's just that we have SO many tickets to giveaway that we're going to be using every single avenue to do so.

Sure, you'll be able to win tickets just by listening! You'll even be able to win tickets if you're out of the Bozeman, Montana area by listening online to The MOOSE.

We'll also be broadcasting live all over the place leading up to the show and you'll be able to register for free tickets whenever we're out! (Music on Main is a great opportunity in July to win your Mickey Hart Band tickets.....)

WIN tickets to The Mickey Hart Band in Bozeman from 95-1 The MOOSE!