Montana has quietly been becoming a hotbed of activity for film and television productions looking for a place to shoot. Of course, the biggest example of that is Yellowstone, the wildly popular TV series that filmed much of its next season all around Missoula, Darby, and Hamilton, often featuring locals as extras whenever they could.

Yellowstone actually plans to continue filming in the area when it comes time to do another season, and Montana definitely wants them to keep them around because it's such a huge boost to the economy. That's why the show was included, along with 13 other productions, in a $500,000 grant that encourages these productions to film right here in Montana.

And it's a wide variety of projects that they're backing here - in addition to Yellowstone (which is receiving $50,000 of the grant), you've also got a revenge drama called Diamondback (receiving $100,000), a documentary about PTSD called Defending Our Defenders (receiving $25,000), an educational children's show called The Adventures of Nicholas Gnome (receiving $25,000), and a lot more.

It'll be some time before we actually get to see most of these projects in their final form, but it's been very exciting to see Montana take a more prominent place within the film industry, and this grant helps to ensure that will only continue.

If you're looking to work behind-the-scenes or get your foot in the door in the film industry, I'd recommend following Facebook pages like the Montana Film Society - they post a ton of stuff about different job opportunities that are available.

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