The whole state of Montana has way more private "airports" than I ever would have guessed. There are eight "airports" in the Bozeman area...6 of which are private airstrips, 1 is the Bozeman Health Heliport and 1 is the actual Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport.

Bozeman airstrips
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The picture above shows a few markers for old airstrips. When you do a current check for the Bozeman area, this is what turns up at

  • KBZN Bozeman, MT, USA Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport
  • 24MT Bozeman, MT, USA Haggerty Airport, Private
  • 2MT5 Bozeman, MT, USA Briar Creek Airport, Private
  • 3MT6 Bozeman, MT, USA Nistler Airport, Private
  • 23MT Bozeman, MT, USA Waterfall Airport, Private
  • MT71 Bozeman, MT, USA Edsall Field Airport, Private
  • 0MY1 Bozeman, MT, USA Bozeman Deaconess Hospital Heliport, Private
  • 21MT Bozeman, MT, USA Harris Runway Airport, Private


The Billings area has 11 total registered airports or heliports. According to, this is what is listed:

  • KBIL Billings, MT, USA Billings Logan International Airport
  • 63MT Billings, MT, USA Billings Flying Service Airport, Private
  • 1MT9 Billings, MT, USA Wilcox Airport, Private
  • MT40 Billings, MT, USA Husky Ranch Airport, Private
  • 35MT Billings, MT, USA Haynes Ranch Airport, Private
  • MT25 Billings, MT, USA St Vincent Healthcare Heliport, Private
  • MT2 Billings, MT, USA Skyrider Ultralight Flightpark, Private
  • MT55 Billings, MT, USA Billings Clinic Heliport, Private
  • 03MT Billings, MT, USA Billings Flying Service Heliport, Private
  • MT57 Billings, MT, USA Landing Pointe Airport, Private
  • MT13 Billings, MT, USA Ostlunds Airport, Private
Airstrips near Billings, MT
Airstrips near Billings, MT

Even Butte, MT had a couple of "airports" other than Bert Mooney. (The Flying Arrow Ranch airport is pinned twice on Google Maps.)

Airstrips near Butte, MT
Airstrips near Butte, MT

The Montana winner per capita might be Helena. Whoa. According to, Helena has 10 "airports" as following:

  • KHLN Helena, MT, USA Helena Regional Airport
  • MT86 Helena, MT, USA Bar E Airport, Private
  • MT15 Helena, MT, USA Fort Harrison Army Airfield, Military
  • MT06 Helena, MT, USA Duncan Airport, Private
  • MT83 Helena, MT, USA Ten Mile Airport, Private
  • 30MT Helena, MT, USA Nistler Helena Airport, Private
  • 40MT Helena, MT, USA Silver Creek Airport, Private
  • MT35 Helena, MT, USA St Peter's Health Heliport, Private
  • MT46 East Helena, MT, USA M4 Strip Airport, Private
  • 4MT5 Helena, MT, USA Port Smith Heliport, Private
Airstrips near Helena, MT
Airstrips near Helena, MT

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