'Firework fails' happen every year in every town. If you're going to celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks, for the love of everything holy...please be smart and stay safe.

No matter how you feel about fireworks, we all know they'll be going off for days surrounding the 4th of July holiday. Some people absolutely despise them, others look forward to this time of year just so they can light off fireworks.

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First things first: DEFINITELY CHECK YOUR CITY AND COUNTY RULES REGARDING FIREWORKS. Those rules vary drastically from town to town and the rules for city limits are usually not the same for the county.

For instance, in Bozeman city limits fireworks are legal in 2022:
July 3rd Noon - Midnight
July 4th Noon - 1am
July 5th Noon - Midnight

And per the Bozeman Fire Department: "Fireworks cannot go over 15 feet high or more than 10 feet along the ground. They also cannot be set off in or near any city park, on any arterial public street or alley, within 1000 feet of the hospital, or near any gas station, propane facility etc." (Just an observation but it seems to me that very few people abide by the 15 feet high rule.)

Check the fireworks regulations for ANY state here...

Take your neighbors into consideration. Sure, you might be allowed to have a fireworks display where you live, but giving your neighbors a heads up is a great idea. If they have pets, they'll have time to prepare. Perhaps you have a veteran with PTSD. The LEAST you can do is make them aware of your plans.

Alcohol and fireworks do not mix. As my mom used to say, "you might not get in trouble every time you've been drinking, but every time you get in trouble...you've probably been drinking". Drunk people do stupid things. Let the sober folks take care of the fireworks.

Don't call 911 just because people are lighting off fireworks. Like it or not, fireworks are allowed in many areas. 911 is only for EMERGENCIES that require law enforcement or medical attention. County dispatches are always overwhelmed with calls during the 4th of July holiday. Don't make their job any harder.

One last note: pick up all that firework trash. There's nothing less cool than seeing the disaster zone of a fireworks display that didn't get picked up. Personally, I don't mind at all if the majority of trash pick up happens the next day, but asap in the morning. Just my two cents.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July holiday! Have fun, be safe and enjoy the time with friends and family!


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