As Montanans, we always help each other out, and this is a great way to help a fantastic group of young men. 

The Montana State Hockey team had an incredible 2022-23 season with a record of 25-6 and finished ranked in the Top 5 nationally.

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The Bobcat Hockey team was electric all season long, with wins against the top-ranked University of Mary and clobbering the Griz every chance they could. They capped the end of the season by winning the Mountain West Conference Championship. 

Montana State University Hockey via Facebook
Montana State University Hockey via Facebook

With this incredible season, the Montana State Hockey team has automatically qualified for the National Tournament on March 17th-21st in Boston, Massachusetts. This accomplishment is a massive honor, and the Bobcats have a chance to make noise among some of the top teams in America. 

With all their accomplishments, the Montana State Hockey team needs our help reaching their goal of heading to nationals. 

The Montana State Hockey team is trying to raise $50,000 to help the team reach the national tournament in Boston. This money goes towards air travel, baggage fees, accommodations, and food while they are practicing and playing in Boston. 

Montana State University Hockey via Facebook
Montana State University Hockey via Facebook

$50,000 might sound like a lot of money, but if they want to send the whole team with all their gear, that's a good chunk of change. Plus, if we all chip in and help these boys reach Boston, I do not doubt that these Bobcats will make us proud and show the nation how we play hockey in Montana. 

We have a few weeks to help them raise their goal of $50,000, and if we all pull together and donate what we can, we can reach that goal. If there is one thing Montanans do, they help each other reach their goals. 

For more details, check out Montana State Hockey's GoFundMe

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