The Bobcats have officially canned the Griz for the 17th time.

This food drive is a friendly, off-field competition between Montana State University and the University of Montana to see which school can collect the most donations for their local food bank. The competition started on November 9 and ended at kickoff of the Cat/Griz game on Saturday.

Here are the results:

Bobcats - 437,265

Grizzlies - 421,859

Can the Griz proceeds go to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank and benefits Bounty of the Bridgers. The Bobcats have successfully canned the Griz 17 of 20 years!

Last year, MSU and the Bozeman community donated a record 263,263 pounds of food plus $185,457 to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. The University of Montana and Missoula community also raised a record amount for the Missoula community's local food bank. Donations from UM and the Missoula community had a grand total of 404,897 (pounds and money).

Thanks to everyone that donated to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank and helped the Bobcats 'Can the Griz' for the 17th year!

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