Center Ice Cafe in Belgrade has been helpful in every way. From holiday dinners, helping the less fortunate, to providing Belgrade with some of the best meals, this is not the first loss for Cafe owner Rhonda Gilbert.

Rhonda, who has put her blood, sweat, and tears into the Center Ice Cafe, also experienced the loss of her husband just a few months ago, it is hard to put into words the sympathy we, as a community, have for Rhonda and her son. When I first met Rhonda and her son, I thought, "What amazing people!"

Photo credit: Rhonda Gilbert

Not only has Rhonda taken care of her community, their families, and her family, she also runs a small rescue for animals. We all literally count on her, and so do the animals. We often think we have bad days, and we ask, "when is enough, enough?". When someone so giving, is constantly taken from, we think about how we can give back. The Center Ice Cafe is Rhonda's source of income for her and her family, unsure of how long the cafe will be out of commission, the community of Belgrade is rallying around Rhonda.

Photo credit: Rhonda Gilbert

To think that this horrific accident has struck right before the holidays when she and the community rely on the cafe is even more devastating. We here at XL Country will continue to pray for Rhonda. If you would like to give back to help Rhonda and get the Center Ice Cafe back up and running quicker, click HERE.

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