Perhaps you've seen the lengthy disclaimers that some Facebook users have been posting recently (in vain) to avoid Facebook being able to use their information and photos. Well, here's the real lowdown on changes Facebook will be making.

Kevork Djansezian - Getty Images News
Kevork Djansezian - Getty Images News
  • Facebook opened the polls on Monday for its roughly 1 billion users to vote on a variety of changes to the social network's policies, including a proposal to scrap the user voting system that Facebook introduced in 2009.
  • Facebook also clarified a new policy allowing it to share user data with recently acquired photo-application Instagram. They say it will be carried out in compliance with applicable laws and that Facebook will seek user consent when necessary.
  • Facebook is proposing to eliminate the 4-year-old system that allows users to vote on changes to its governance policies.
  • Another proposal would loosen the restrictions on how members of the social network can contact other members using the Facebook email system. The company plans to replace the "Who can send you Facebook messages" setting with new filters for managing incoming messages.
  • Facebook users have until Dec. 10, but the vote is only binding if at least 30 percent of users take part. Two prior votes never reached that threshold.

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  • Tumblr has stopped a worm that spread on Monday.
  • Reportedly over 8,000 unique Tumblr users were affected by the massive worm, including blogs associated with media outlets such as the USA Today and Reuters.
  • The attack consisted of an anti-Tumblr blog post rant that contained racist language and encouraged readers to commit suicide.
  • If an infected party tried to delete the post they were told that action would also delete their Tumblr account. The group claims it warned Tumblr a few weeks ago about a hole in their security, but the blog network didn’t respond or make any move to fix it.


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