MOOSE VIPs, let your voice be heard and be well rewarded for your efforts. There's a brand new QUICK survey for you to earn 10,000 points. It's about what kind of prizes you want to win in 2011 online at No rocket science involved. Just go here.


If you're not already a MOOSE VIP, no problem. Just click here to sign up. It only takes a minute and then you're free to take the survey and start earning points like everyone else. You can earn VIP points in lots of different ways like Moose Secret Codes at 7:35am, 10:35am, 2:35pm and 6:35pm. There are also MOOSE Bonus Codes at sponsor locations of the "Tie The Knot" Showcase on in January.

So, as you can see getting points is super easy. Then you can spend your points in the Online MOOSE Prize Closet or in the Raffles Section for bigger prizes. (Think ski passes or sold out Grace Potter tickets).

Best of luck to you as you join the herd. It's a good herd. -Michelle

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