There's still time this season to be creative and handy. With some great free items on Craigslist this week, you'll be re-purposing like a BOSS. Take a look at what's up for grabs (for FREE) this week on Bozeman Craigslist.

Why, you ask? Your own custom cold frame boxes so that you can extend your gardening season by nearly a month on both ends. Even if you just want to grow basics like herbs, having your own cold boxes that you can prop up with make that a million times easier.

Window panes - craigslist

Here's a quick video on how you can make your own cold frame boxes out of recycled materials at home.

No need to spend a ton of cash on fancy kits; it's too simple a concept.

This certainly doesn't look to be in fantastic shape but with some elbow grease, some reinforcements and a fresh coat of paint this frame could be perfect for the youngest athlete in your house. Hockey OR soccer...who cares.

If you're just trying to convey the concept of "get the object in the net"...

Hockey net - craigslist

Two different ideas immediately come to mind with these little glass shades. One, you can use them as small "protectors" or "heaters" for delicate sprouts this spring. Inside or out...just depends on how big they are.

Secondly, you could make your own decorative hurricane type table candles. Since they're free (and probably not high end glass), you can safely glue them to a flat bottomed surface OR set them in a bowl of sand or small gravel.

lamp shades - craigslist