Not gonna lie, this might be the new hot spot downtown to go with friends and just have the absolute best time ever.

The Okay, Cool Restaurant Group, which owns and operates spots such as El Camino, Copper Whiskey, and the newly opened Main Street Market and Brigade, have a new bar to check out below Main Street Market and this place was simply wonderful.

Happy Box is located beneath Main Street Market and is not only a visual treat by looking something out of 70's Japan but brings something completely different to Bozeman. This place has two karaoke booths so you can jam out with your friends or have a party, then their bar has incredible drinks, unique food, and even soft-serve ice cream that gets served in adorable waffle cones shaped like fish.

When you walk down into Happy Box it's very open and inviting. Happy Box feels like a place you and your party could spend hours at and have the best time ever. The karaoke machine is straight-up top of the line and has a huge list of music to choose from. Plus, the karaoke booths have a switch to let servers know you are in need of refreshments.

I had the privilege to check out Happy Box before they open officially on Friday, June 25th and I couldn't stop smiling being down there. Happy Box is so different from anything else in Bozeman and it's a welcoming change of pace. For more details and to book the karaoke booths, check out Happy Box.

Here's a photo gallery of my experience yesterday.

Happy Box Grand Opening

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