Be aware of a current increase of "you've got a warrant" phone scams in Montana. The calls sound authentic and here is what you need to know.

According to the Gallatin County Sheriff's official Press Release:

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office has been receiving an increasing number of calls from residents who are reporting phone scams.

  • It appears that someone is calling residents and telling them they have a “warrant” for failing to appear for jury duty.  
  • The caller identifies himself as “Lt Williams”  of the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office, badge number 2124 and asks for money to clear up the warrant. 
  • Residents are reporting that the number 406-924-3299 is showing up on Caller ID.

The Sheriff would like to remind everyone to be aware and never give any personal or financial information over the phone to anyone that you did not call yourself.

This scam is one of the many scams that are popular and making their way through communities.

Other scams involve the IRS and delinquent payments, telling people that they have a loved one in jail and to send money to get them out of jail, emails stating that your computer has a virus and they give you a link to log onto and then they lock up your computer and take your personal information.

If you receive any phone calls that you feel are suspicious, hang-up and call your local law enforcement.

Montana Phone Scam
Montana Phone Scam

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