Photo by flickr user spcbrass

The Consumerist released results of a new survey, revealing some shocking yearly spending habits of the average American worker. How do you think commuting costs, eating outside the office, and coffee rate in terms of yearly cost to the average working American? Results here.

According to a new survey by a company called Accounting Principals, the average American worker spends $1,092 a year on coffee (that's more than $20 a week). The average worker spends $1, 476 on commuting to and from their job. That means the coffee budget of the average worker in this country is only slightly lower than their gas budget. Neither comes close to what they're spending on lunch outside the office. The average worker spends $1,850 a year on lunch, which works out to be about $37 a week.

If this seems a bit surprising, you're not alone. About four times as many people assumed their commute would cost more than their lunches. I don't know if these "average" numbers hold true for me, although I do treat myself to lunch about once a week and coffee at least twice. I don't even want to know what it adds up to though, because I sure do know what I get paid every week. My little weekly indulgences may not be all that smart but hey, they keep me going. Do you think your yearly coffee or lunch budget exceeds what it costs to get you to and from work?